Analyse A House for Mr. Biswas as a diasporic allegory.

The diasporic sensibility is valuable for attempting to bridge cultures through a widening of experience. Experience might be widened but bridging cultures, especially for one who has been away from the mother country and generally not in touch with it, is almost impossible. In the process, the diasporan suffers from a sense of loss and unhappiness.

On another level the house is a trope for anchorage, a common feature of diasporic writing, to be juxtaposed with the idea of homelessness that was deeply embedded in the psyche of emigrants, more so as the process of crossing the kalapuni and settling down in an alien land was far from enjoyable or even voluntary. In Naipaul’s case the emigration from Trinidad to London makes him doubly dispossessed in a way and the image of the homeless wanderer has been projected through most of his writings.

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