Advantages and disadvantages of experiment

Answer – Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of experiment –

Advantages of experiment –

1) Through experiment, cause and effect relationship can be established.
2) It is a replica.
3) It offers a great degree in the manipulation of independent variables.
4) In an experiment there is an adequate degree of internal validity.
5) The findings prepared as a result of the experiment are said to be more purposeful, accurate and reliable.
6) Thus experimentation hypothesis is the best way to test.

Disadvantages of experiment –

1) During an experiment, behavior is often studied in an artificial environment, it is a laboratory where the condition and conditions are controlled in such a large amount that behaviors are naturally distorted.
2) Research topics generally know that they are in an experiment and being tested and measured.
3) They can respond to this awareness by trying to please the researcher.
4) They can estimate the purpose of the research, and thus change the behavior accordingly.
5) If they know that they are being monitored, they will behave differently as if they were unaware of the monitoring.
6) It is a simplified version of reality, and many times it is very easy to tell us about real life. Few people challenge experimental research on ethical grounds.

In essence, It is the jewel of the crown or the answer to questions about behavior between psychology. When it is used with skill and care, results from experimental methods, which not only help to answer complex questions about human behavior, but also understand the causes of such behaviors. Thus, It is the last answer to the question of psychology.

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