Advantages and disadvantages of Internet surveys

Answer – There are Advantages and disadvantages of Internet surveys. let’s check out.

Advantages of Internet surveys –

    1. Web page surveys are extremely fast. A questionnaire posted on a popular web site can collect several thousand responses within a few hours. Many people who respond to an email invitation to take a web survey, they will do this on the first day, and will do so within a few days. After the set up is complete, there is no cost involved in it practically. The price of large specimens is not more than the smaller ones.
    2. Some web survey software can show images, videos and sounds. Web page questionnaire complex question can use skipping logic, randomization, and other features that are not possible with paper questionnaires or most email surveys. These features can assure better data.
    3. Web page questionnaire can use the colors, fonts and other formatting options possible in most email surveys.
    4. A significant number will give people more honest answers about sensitive topics, such as drug use or sex, when someone answers his or her answer on the computer rather than on paper.
    5. On average, people answer open-ended questions on the web page questionnaire, while they do other types of self-administered surveys.
    6. Some web survey software, such as surveying systems, can associate survey answers with information already present, which is about the individuals who take the survey.

Disadvantages of Internet surveys –

    1. The current use of the Internet is far from universal. Internet surveys do not reflect the population as a whole. This is true, even though a sample of internet users has been chosen to match the general population in terms of age, gender and other demographics.
    2. People can leave easily in the middle of a questionnaire. They are not likely to complete a long questionnaire on the web because they will be talking to a good interviewer.
    3. Depending on your software, there are often no control over the people who respond to the bias for the results. At this stage we mainly recommend using the Internet for surveying if your target population is completely or almost completely Internet users.
    4. Business-to-business research and employee attitude surveys can often meet this requirement. Normal population surveys will not usually be.
    5. Another reason to use web page surveys is that when you want to show both video or sound and graphics. A web page survey can be the only practical way for many people to watch and react to a video.
    6. In any case, make sure that your survey software prevents people from fulfilling more than one questionnaire. You may want to restrict access by entering the password (good software allows this option) or by putting a survey on a page that can be accessed only directly.

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