Attempt an analysis of Soyinka’s play A Dance of the Forests in terms of theme, structure and characterization.

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Sessions Programme: MEG Assignment
Code: MEG-08/TMA/2016-17
Max Marks : 100
Attempt all the ten questions and answer each question in approximately 450-500 words.


A Dance of the Forests exhibits a mind boggling transaction between divine beings, mortals, and the dead in which the perfect objective is simply the experience revelation inside the setting of West African mysticism. The living have welcomed two superb progenitors to participate in a devour and festivity—the “Social occasion of the Tribes.” The god Aroni, nonetheless, clarifies in the preamble that he got the authorization of the Forest Head to choose rather “two [obscure] spirits of the eager dead”: the Dead Man and the Dead Woman, a commander and his significant other from the armed force of the antiquated Emperor Mata Kharibu. These two were chosen in light of the fact that in a past life they had been savagely manhandled by four of the living. The four mortals are Rola, a hopeless prostitute nicknamed Madame Tortoise, who was then a ruler; Demoke, now a carver and after that an artist; Adenebi, now gathering Orator and afterward Court Historian; and Agboreko, Elder of Sealed Lips, a diviner in the two presences. They have been chosen due to past lewdness, which Aroni expectations can be appeased through disclosure. Aroni additionally clarifies in the preface that the Forest Head, camouflaged as a human, Obaneji, welcomes the four mortals into the woods to take part in an appreciated move for the Dead Man and the Dead Woman, who Aroni encourages after the living alienate them. The move is hindered by the wayward soul Eshuoro.

Eshuoro looks for retribution for the demise of Oremole, an enthusiast of Oro and understudy to the carver Demoke, who slaughtered Oremole by pulling him off the highest point of the araba tree that they were cutting together. Ogun, the supporter lord of carvers, shields Demoke. Ogun (the lord of iron, war, and craftsmanship of the Yoruba, Soyinka’s own particular society) and Oro (the Yoruba divine force of discipline and passing) speak to contradictory strengths that constantly collaborate until the point when their theoretical combination, through which the mortals would accomplish self-comprehension.
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