Write a note on Atwood and Ondaatje’s contribution to Canadian Poetry.

The remarkable thing about her poetry is the power of her imagery and the vivid precision of her language. Some short poems offer very good examples of it. Her lyrics are short and laconic and on them she provides sharp insights in the consciousness of the speaker. In her ‘longer’ poems (which are often series of connected poem) she develops symbolic and visionary explanations of the ironic dualities of existence.

Michael ondoteje – Michael Ondootje was born in Sri Lanka in 1943. He studied in England and then moved to Canada in 1962.

His poetic works include

  • Dainty Monsters (1 967)
  • Rat Jelly (1973)
  •  The Cinnamon Peeler (1990)

His style is surreal, chaotic and dynamic and he has a sense of ‘the other’ which often leads to a poetry of vivid gestures.

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