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Choose a short lesson from a school textbook. How would you use it to teach reading comprehension to Class ix students? You may write about the following: (i) Any pre-reading activity? (ii) Whether the class reads silently or whether individual children are asked to read aloud. (iii) Mode and type of questions asked (iv) Classroom arrangement (v) Learner participation (vi) Post-reading activities (vii) Project work

Ans. Reading Comprehension in the Classroom: Silent reading of comprehension should be encouraged. The students should not read aloud. Three Phases of a Reading Lesson: Pre-reading Task 1. These tasks arouse learners’ interest in...

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Giving examples, explain any two principles of development.

उदाहरण देते हुए विकास के किन्ही दो सिध्दांतों का वर्णन कीजिए। (b) Giving examples, explain anytwo principles of development. Ans. Direction of Development: The two directions that our physical and motor development follows are...

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Basic English learning : Vocabulary – Meaning and use of word Balmy

Today’s Word balmy आज का शब्द बाल्मी Balmy – It means “pleasant”, “Soothing” बाल्मी – इसका मतलब है “सुखद”, “आरामदायक” In short, something which is enough to make your mood good? संक्षेप में, कुछ...

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