Basic English learning : Vocabulary – Meaning and use of word Balmy

Today’s Word balmy

आज का शब्द बाल्मी

Balmy – It means “pleasant”, “Soothing”

बाल्मी – इसका मतलब है “सुखद”, “आरामदायक”

In short, something which is enough to make your mood good?

संक्षेप में, कुछ ऐसा जो आपके मूड को अच्छा बनाने के लिए पर्याप्त है.

How to learn this word?

इस शब्द को कैसे सीखें?

Balmy comes from Balm. We all know Balm is called to a gel ointment that we used to get rid of pain and feel relaxed. When you add “Y” to “Balm” it becomes an adjective called “Balmy”.

How To Use In Sentence?

  • The balmy climate immediately improved my spirits. 
  • On a balmy day, teenagers usually flock to the beach.  
  • Fortunately, we planned our picnic on a balmy Sunday

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