BCS-011 solved assignment 2018-19

g) List which of the software will be required for the following situation. Explain the steps that are needed to be performed in order to solve the situation in question.
(i) You need to send invitation to about 200 students for a workshop.
(ii) A software project has to be managed such that there is no delay.
(iii)Student data and their marks are to be stored such that any query may be made on the data easily.
(iv) You need to show the visual form of data about the progress of an organisation.


Question 3: (Covers Block 3) (6×4=24 Marks)

(a) Explain the following terms in the context of computer networks:
i) Message switching

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  1. Rahul says:

    Where is the solutions of Questions e,f and g????

  2. Dehradun says:

    Thanku so much for assignments guffo.in

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