BCS-011 solved assignment 2018-19

(b) A new company which supplies food packets in a locality has to set up a network in its sales office employing 10 parallel ordering stations. It has a large number of person who supplies the food packet at the destination
(maximum distance 2 kms from the office). What kind of network the company should make for its sales office? Justify your answer.

(c) List all the activities that you as well as various servers will perform when you check your result from IGNOU website. Explain the role of TCP/IP in this process.

(d) Why is a networking software has layers? List and define the role of each layer of ISO-OSI model.

(e) You want to find about the Universities that offer Programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology but does not offer programmes in Medical Science. Make efficient query or queries that will show the desired result as above. Also explain the activities performed by a search engine.

(f) Explain the following in the context of Internet and its applications:
(i) Security threats on Internet

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    Thanku so much for assignments guffo.in

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