Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

If you are a hard core cat lover, then you must be in search of products that can
enhance the wellness of your dear pet. In that case, you ought to look for a perfectly
made cat litter as well. It does many uses at once. Cat litter comes in variety of
forms. You can choose the one that is best for your cat. Interestingly, cat litter can do
a lot more as well. If you think out of box, you can see that cat litter can aid you at
different instances that you encounter in your daily life. If we look into the studies
conducted, we can see that cats around the world prefer fine litters than that which
has bulbous particles. They also prefer unscented ones to scented ones as well. So
bear these two points in mind while you choose a cat litter for your pet cat. If you are
into the protection of nature and appear dutiful to nature, you can choose the cat
litter that’s produced from eco-friendly materials. And what’s more? You can even
make a cat litter all by your own using products like newspaper, pine chips, corncobs
etc. Run a search in YouTube and will be truly surprised to see the world of ‘cat litter
If you own a single cat, you are going to need at least two cat litters. If you own
multiple cats than always bear three or more cat litters. It will come handy. Buying
only one is a gamble.
However, here we will be shrinking the vast world of cat litters into five excellent
products that have received the most reviews and has been signed by the customers
as the best. Learn more about it here and let this be a guide in your search for the
cat litter that your cat is much awaiting.
 Intersand Cat Exclusive Scoopable Cat Litter
It is available in Amazon for a price of 920 in India. Intersand has been titled as one
of the best sellers in the world of pet food and other pet items. Their quality remains
o It is rather affordable. It comes at a cheap price when compared with other
brands. At the same time, they don’t make any type of compromise when it
comes to quality as well.
o It is quite easy to clean and maintain. So, you won’t have to spend much time
over it.
o It comes with odour absorbency. Isn’t that a big thing? It is one of the
problems that troubles every cat owner. Here, you will have its ultimate
o There have been few complaints related to odour absorbency. It is the only
point where you may face a trouble.
o It may stick on the paws of the cat which can make the whole house a

 PetCrux Exclusive Scoopable Smart Bentonite Cat Litter, 5 kg
This one comes in 699. And is the second best when it comes to cat litter. This isn’t
going to get all sticky and messy. They are fine particles which your cat is surely
going to like. It’s liquid absorption rate is exemplary. And when it comes to PetCrux,
you won’t have to remove the entire litter each time. With its liquid absorption you
can easily remove and clean up the litter crumps without making a mess. And it also
comes in odours such as lavender, lemon and so on. So you can forget completely
about the staunch smell that used to fill your house each time.
o Comes in different odours. Smell in the refreshing fragrance of lavender and
lemon and forget about the stagnant one.
o The used part turns into clumps which can be cleaned easily without removing
the entire litter. So it is economical and easier to clean.
o They are so fine that your pet will hardly feel it on their paws
o It comes in odours. Chances are that your pet may not like it. in that case, you
will be forced to buy an odourless litter.
o When you are ordering online, you may face some trouble with the packaging
and quality
 Petville PetCrux Scoopable Cat Litter
This comes at a price of 1,600 in Amazon. A bag of this is sure to last you for a long
period. They assure that a bag can last for a period of three months when used for
one cat. So for multiple cats, you may go a slightly greater quality and it will save you
a lot of money. It is economical. It doesn’t leave much waste. Like there are other
brands which when cleaned leaves black residue at the bottom of the pan. Don’t fear
such trouble with PetCrux. It is hygienic. It is made of bentonite.
o It lasts for a long period than other cat litters. Spend once on this and you can
save a lot of money.
o You can get the material for lower price during sale and other discounts.
o The quality is extremely good.
o It leaves no waste
o It has odour of lemon and orange.
o It consists of zero dust
o It clumps the urine just perfectly.
o The odour may become a villain. Your cat may not like it.
o The clumps may break part which will make it harder to clean.
o It may not solidify well.

 Cats Best Litter 10 Ltr
It has a price of 1,150. When its quality is taken into consideration, it is surely worth
the money. It consists of organic fibres which you can’t find in any other cat litters. It
is one feature that marks the product distinct. The litter is really fine and soft that it
will fell smoothly on the paws of the cat rather than annoy it with crystal and other
sharp objects. It is eco-friendly so, you can use it without any tension. It is one
hundred percent biodegradable. As you are not doing any harm to earth then why
not switch to it forever? If you have multiple cats at home, a 10litre pack can last for
a month and a half. So it is economical to an extent.
o It comes in natural odour. So there is no question of cat not liking it.
o Odour lock is excellent. Leaves not a trace of smell around.
o It is organic and it is made by wooden shavings. It makes the product worthy
of the money.
o The other cat litters may leave a smell of Ammonia after few days. But Cats
Best leaves no such smell.
o Easy to scoop out and clean. As it gets clumpy, it won’t be a huge task to
clean it out.
o Soft and fine
o There may be problem with the clumping. It may not solidify very well.
o It is said to be too dusty by some users.

 Emily Pts Fresh Scented Bentonite Cat Litter (Apple, 5L), 5L
This one is cheaper and at the same time best in its quality. It comes at a price of
399 rupees in Amazon India. It is made up of natural Wyoming Bentonite which
assures strong clumping. It makes use of cedar chips for odour protection. It
completely absorbs the liquid and lest no smell to wander around. It comes with a
sanel that helps the cats to learn about how to use the litter. So it serves two
functions with one set. If your cat isn’t trained to use a litter, then this is the best
opportunity to do that.
o The odour lock is too strong. All that’s going to prevail in the room is the mind
nurturing fragrance of cedar chips and not the piercing smell that always
accompany the litter boxes. Green apple is another fragrance which is going
to make the whole idea of cleaning the litter way too easy.
o Sanel could be very handy. Your cat can learn to use the litter tray and you
won’t need to spend more money on equipment to teach the cat either. How
more economical can it get?
o Strong clumping is assured here.
o It is really cheap and affordable. It is worth the money spent.

o Green apple, cedar chips. Now this may be a problem point when it comes to
your cat. There are cats which doesn’t prefer any smell when it comes to litter.
It may irritate them and they may forsake the habit of using the litter. So
consider your cat before purchasing a cat litter.
Pets are nothing less than piece of our heart. As we buy the best of products for us,
we always tend to buy the best for them too. Cat litter is an important item and hence
you can’t compromise on it. Go through each of its characteristics and find the best.
Few features may feel good for you but may not be liked by your cat. So ask an
expert and purchase the best.

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