Bring out the link between language teaching and the study of literary texts.

ANSWER- Language is a way. We can say that literary texts is a work of creative thinking. The imagination that comes to our mind or what we think write in that copy Or write it as a Poem or write in the form of a story or writing as a teaching. This is called literary texts. If we do in English. This is called English literary texts. This critical thinking needed the help of English. English became the medium. Because we have expressed our imaginations through language. Literature needs the support of language.

The essential target of showing English as a Second Language (ESL) in India ought to be informative ability, that is, acing the utilization of English in an assortment of circumstances, social settings and expert territories. Shockingly, the informative skill of the students is restricted to their capacity to deliver formal, educational modules kept artistic talk, that too having its premise in their packing powers.

They never become more acquainted with how to abuse and especially use in their everyday life circumstances what they have learnt through their insight into formal sentence structure and introduction to writing.

That is the reason showing writing in the ESL classroom has been debilitated by numerous. There is no denying the way that change of open abilities in English ought to be an integral part of any educating of English as a moment dialect. In any case, for that one can’t get rid of artistic messages in an ESL classroom.

Rich Linguistic Input through Literary Texts-

The artistic writings, the same number of etymologists have come to acknowledge, give rich semantic information, powerful jolts for understudies to communicate in other dialect and are a potential wellspring of student inspiration.

On the off chance that the understudy remains openly uncouth in the wake of finishing a course in English dialect/writing the artistic messages in any ESL classroom are viewed as something excess as opposed to helpful.

This perception has a tendency to debilitate and dismiss the utilization of scholarly talk in the ESL classroom. Such inclination additionally offers quality to the truly solid polarity amongst dialect and writing.

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