2. Explain pre-test and post-test counselling. 20
Highlight moral issues with respect to HIV testing. 20
3. Answer any two in 250 words each :
(a) Explain the various phases of HIV/ AIDS. 10
(b) Discuss the role of a Social Worker in 10
Palliative Care.
(c) What are the constitutional provisions for 10
PLHAS in India ?
(d) Describe the functions of the National AIDS 10
Control Programme.
B SWE-005 1 P . T . 0 .
4. Answer any four in 150 words each :
(a) What are the workplace policies on HIV/ 5
AIDS in India ?
(b) Why is Ferguson Study important in HIV/ 5
AIDS scenario in India ?
(c) What are the tests for detection of HIV in 5
human body ?
(d) Who are the vulnerable groups of 5
population through sexual activities and
why ?

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