What was the general Canadian attitude to ‘Nature’ in the early years of Canada’s existence as a nation?

Cooking at the map of Canada, one finds colourful and dramatic patterns of lakes and forests, mountains and prairies – which may make one believe that Canada has a discourse of nature. More so, when very few people live on such a huge landmass which is bigger in size than the USSR, the USA, Brazil and most of the other countries in the world. An interesting fact of today’s life in Canada, however, is that 75% of its population lives in cities. “As of 1986, Canada had twenty-eight metropolitan areas with population of 10,000 and together these cities accounted for 61 percent of Canada’s total population of 25,354,064”, Canadian, thus are an urban people.

They are more urban than their neighbours in the south as more than one in four Canadians live in metropolitan areas with populations of over a million, while in contrast only one in twelve live in a similar urban agglomerations in the United Canada has thus moulded a cold northern landscape of yesterday with which  sussana Moodie and others fought to civilise it, into a dozen of modern, efficient and healthy cities: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver have advanced to a high state, and the citizens of few countries in the world can claim to have developed urban environments that are so orderly and healthy, so virbrant and safe.

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