MEG-10 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS OF Block 6 Questioning the Canon

Here we have given IGNOU MEG-10 IMPORTANT QUESTION OF CANON AND NOTES. We hope that it will be of great use to you. For this we have prepared Chapter WISE. Along with this, SUMMARY has also been given in Hindi. Which will help you more to understand MA ENGLISH SUBJECT MEG 10. Let’s see –

यहां आपको IGNOU MEG-10 IMPORTANT QUESTION AND NOTES दिये गए है। हम आशा करते है कि यह आपके बहूत काम आयेगें। इस हमने CHAPTER WISE तैयार करवाया है। साथ ही साथ हिन्दी में SUMMARY भी दी है। जो आपको यह MEG-10 को समझने में अधिक मदद करेगीं। आइये देखते है – 

  • 1ST QUESTION – Write in brief the factors that have led to canon-formation.
  • 2ND QUESTION – What is the effect of the canon on the Third World?
  • 3RD QUESTION –  What were the implications of Macaulay’s ideas on Education for India?
  • 4TH QUESTION –  Do you see any relation between canon formation and economic systems in a I given society?
  • 5TH QUESTION –  What do you understand by the term English?

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