Q. 2. Write in your own words a character sketch of Hamlet.

Ans – Hamlet possesses a philosophical nature and intellectual depth. His soliloquies show him to be a man of
deeply reflective and meditative nature. He meditates deeply on his mother’s remarriage with a villain. Then he
reflects on the Ghost’s revelations. Then he broods upon his delay in carrying out the Ghost’s directions. He devises
a plan to catch the conscience of the King and the Queen through the inner play. Some of his thoughts express
universal appeal. Then he meditates upon the consequences of murdering Claudius during prayers. Thus his soliloquies
reveal his excessive speculation and reason for delaying his revenge. They also show Hamlet’s poetic eloquence and
linguistic style and excellence. He is a scholar, philosopher and poet.

Hamlet is a sensitive and idealistic young man. He labels his mother’s incestuous behaviour as bestial and
supposes mankind to be only a little lower than angels. He is involved in general guilt by killing Polonius, in driving
Ophelia mad and sending his schoolfellow to death. These activities only dirtied him. The Ghost’s injunction indirectly
soiled him. Hamlet is expert in using puns and other forms of wordplay.

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