Indicate the difference among classification survey, registration survey, and under writers survery; and enumerate the important checks performed by the classification society on a ship.

Solution: The difference between classification survey, registration survey, and under writers survey can be understood by the following.

वर्गीकरण सर्वेक्षण, पंजीकरण सर्वेक्षण और बीमा करने वालो द्वारा सर्वेक्षण के मध्य अन्तर को बताइये और वर्गीकरण. संस्था द्वारा जहाज पर किये जाने वाले मुख्य जाचों का नाम लेकर बताइए।


Registration survey – The registrar is registered on the registry port and every registrar is required to prepare the monthly return of registrars and other existing actions on their registration. Such information is to be submitted by the Registrar to the in-charge of the shipping ministry. It must be surveyed before a ship is registered. This is done by a surveyor of ships appointed by the registration authority. Preparation of pre-registration survey is to establish accurate details of the ship for the registrar. It contains tons of registered tonnes.

Classification survey – In addition to the official requirement of registration, ships going to almost all ocean are classified and registered with one or other classification surveys. Such registration is not mandatory, but it is so beneficial that a non-classified ship is almost unavailable nowadays. In the absence of classification, underwriters, brokers, bankers, traders and shipers and others will be very much experienced in chartering, who have access to the latest and most reliable information about the interested ship.

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