Discuss the title of the novel The Color Purple

Critics state, that the act of tearing which defines the patchwork quilt, is symbolic of women beginning their lives afresh from a past that was painful. For example, in The Color Purple Celie who is raped at 14 by a man she considers to be her father tears herself away from this past and quilts a new life for herself at the end of the novel. For feminists quilting also represents putting yourself together from fragments. Connection to self, they believe, is related to connection to others. Celie, in her growth, quilts together other women’s experiences and stories. They all widen her horizons and helps her develop as a holistic woman In the novel Sofia and Celie begin quilting together after a little showdown the two have had over Celie telling Harpo to beat Sofia to “mind” her.

Upset at this Sofia returns the curtaiils that Celie had made for her house. But the two reconcile “mak[ing] quilt pieces out of these messed up curtains.” They are involved in a process of healing. From passive victims they become agents of their life. Similarly the relationship between Shug and Celie also begin with them quilting: “[Shug] pick up a random piece of cloth out the basket. Hold it up to the light. Frown. How you sew this damn thing’? She say. I hand her the square I’m, working on, start another one. She sew long crooked . stitches, remind me of that little crooked tune she sing.” Later Shug gives a piece of her yellow dress to Celie to make the quilt that she has been making called “Sister’s Choice.”

Nettie and Conine too reestablish faith in each other over a quilt. It is a piece in the quilt that makes Corrine, who is very sick, recall the time when she went to buy cloth with Olivia and had met Celie near the shop. This recollection dismisses all fears that she had in her mind regarding the parentage of Adam and Olivia. Quilting, as we have seen, helps women come together in the novel. Jointly made by women, Quilts are not used like objects-as in patriarchy-but becomes a symbol of women’s love and openness in sharing and helping each other Celie gives the quilt to Sofia as an act of love. She says she does not know how cold Sofia’s sister’s place will be.

Discuss the title of the novel The Color Purple

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