what is all about Commercial Manager?

In principle, Commercial Manager (Branch Manager-retail, Operations Officer, Cash Officer Analyst-broking and Credit officer )  direct and supervise the personnel of a commercial establishment, by virtue of this, they plan, organize, control, order and evaluate the operations of the trade dedicated to the sale of products or the provision of services. Typically, these professionals work for retail or retail stores; However, they can choose to work independently or autonomously when the business is their property.

Salary25k to 65k

Eligibility – MA ECONOMY 

Top Recruiters  In Govt. AND Private Banks

Main objective –  Store receives profits and manages to keep its customers satisfied.

Functions pf Customers manager –

Plan, direct and evaluate the operations of commercial establishments dedicated to retail or certain departments within those stores:

  1. Manage staff and assign tasks.
  2. Ensure that customer complaints are handled in a professional and efficient manner.
  3. Evaluate the products to be sold.
  4. Ensure that the establishment has a good inventory, in addition to verifying that the warehouse where the merchandise is kept is clean and organized.
  5. Review the performance of the establishment, evaluating sales goals, effort invested, payroll costs and perceived profits.
  6. Review and use the monthly profit and loss balance to obtain profits and the estimated expenses.
  7. Effectively use the space of the commercial establishment to properly display the merchandise in order to attract sales.
  8. Set sales goals.
  9. Determine the requirements for the selection of personnel and hire or monitor the corresponding hiring.
    Implement pricing and credit policies.
  10. Supervise and direct staff to ensure that daily goals are met.
  11. Prepare weekly, monthly and quarterly sales reports to ensure that the objectives are met.

Analyze market trends to determine where consumer demand points, estimated sales volume and the effect on competitive operations:

  1. Determine the new and existing merchandise to be sold.
  2. Determine the sales potential and the required inventory of products and services.
  3. Monitor customer preferences.
  4. Locate, select and search merchandise to be resold.
  5. Develop and implement Marketing strategies, such as promotions, discounts and sales.
  6. Create and implement action plans to improve the performance of the business establishment and maximize sales.
  7. Project sales and determine the profitability of merchandise and services.
  8. Develop and execute action plans to attract new customers, for example, by applying direct sales techniques, business-to-business (B2B) visits, telephone sales, among others.
  9. Perform special exhibitions and events at the venue.
  10. Be aware of the latest trends in the field of Marketing and industry, as well as the activities of the competition.
  11. Understand the functioning of the local market to determine growth opportunities.

Work together with other departments (Sales, Marketing, Operations and Research) and Managers in order to execute the best market strategies:

Share your impressions regarding Marketing initiatives, trends observed in customers and appreciations and testimonials about products.

Ensure that employees adhere to occupational health and safety procedures and policies.

Daily tasks of Commercial Manager –

  1. Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and services.
  2. Prepare budgets and approve expenses.
  3. Monitor customer preferences to determine their focus and sales effort.
  4. Apply discount rates or special prices.
  5. Create plans to attract new customers.
  6. Manage, train and supervise staff.

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