Critical evaluation of Freud’s psychosexual developmental theory.

Answer – As one critically evaluates of Freud’s psychosexual developmental theory, there are certain important aspects that are detailed below.

There are basically four main criticisms against Freud’s psychosexual developmental theory:

1) The theory focuses almost entirely on male development with little mention of female psychosexual development.
2) The theory is difficult to prove scientifically. Concepts such as libido are impossible to measure and, therefore, can not be proven. In this sense, any research that has been carried out tends to discredit Freud’s theory.
3) Future predictions are too vague. How can we know that a current behavior was specifically caused by a childhood experience? The period of time between cause and effect is too long to assume that there is a relationship between the two variables.
4) Freud’s theory is based on case studies and not on empirical research. In addition, Freud based his theory on the memories of his adult patients, not on actual observation and study of children.

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