Attempt a critical summary of the novel A Grain of Wheat

The novel A Grain of Wheat begins with Mugo getting out of his bed in the morning to go to his shamba-a small piece of land for cultivation. This was a routine that he had followed since his coming out of the detention camp. As he walked through the village-Thabai-on this particular day, he met a number of people who, like him, had suffered during the Emergency.

For instance, Warui, a village elder, whom Mugo met en-route to his shamba, had lost his piece of land through confiscation while he was under detention. The basic character of Thabai had remained the same since its founding in 1955. Mugo next ran into Githua who was dressed in tatters and who we are told has sustained bullet wounds at the hands of whitemen during the freedom struggle and had as a result become a little soft in the head. Mugo felt uneasy on meeting him on this particular day, particularly after he saw children making fun of him.

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