Q. 3. Critically examine the nexus between bureaucras, politicians and businessmen.

Q. 3. Critically examine the nexus between bureaucras, politicians and businessmen.


examine the nexus between bureaucras, politicians and businessmen in 500 words.

Ans. This phase of 1970’s and 1980’s was marked as the combinaton of class and caste struggles. Movement was launched in various parts of the country against caste and class exploitation.

Nexus between bureaucras, politicians and businessmen.

Dalit Panther Movement

An educated young Dalit set up an organisation, Dalit Panther in 1972 which aimed a rejecting the caste system based on the Brahminical Hinduism. The ideas were spread by media and communication network, discussion and debates took in the public places.

The high middle class people wanted to stop the issue of Sadhna. In reaction of this, held holds a defense march having a red colour inserted on black Panther the. Young Dalits named their organisation Dalit Panther. These young Dalits were the first educated generation whose parents were very poor.

The movement of Dalits fought against the problems of women, rejecting the principles of Brahmins such as purity and pollution, political and economical exploitation. Soon this movement proved to be a failure due to personality defferences of its leadership. Raja Dhale and Namdev Dhasal were two leaders of RPI movement had their differences on ideological ground. Raja Dhale formed a sepearate group of Dalit Panther grounds with in the existing group and named the newly formed organizations “Bhartiya Dalit Panter”. This organisation worked for education, facilities to the Buddhists converts, renaming the Marathwada University, nationalisation of basic industries etc. Hence, RPI was divided into Ambedkarites and Marxists.

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