Das neighbours: Alis and Misras

Das neighbours: Alis and Misras

Alis (Ali  Sahib)- 

Hyder Ali, the neighbour and Iandlord of the Das’, is one of the most important minor characters in the novel. The first mention of him is made in Part I when Bim and Tara recall their childhood. ‘Tara reminds Bim of the times when Raja arid she played on the banks of the ‘Jumna.” Bim reminisces saying,

and the white horse riding by, Hyder Ali Sahib up on it, high above us and his peon running in front of him, shouting and his dog behind him, barking?’ She laughed quite excitedly, seeing it again this half – remembered picture. We stood up to watch them go past and he wouldn’t even look at US. The won shouted to us to get out of the way. I think Hyder Ali Sahib used to think of himself as some kind of prince, a Nawab. And Raja loved that

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