Define marriage. Discuss the functions and purpose of marriage.

Marriage in the genuine sense is the acknowledgment of another status with another arrangement of commitments perceived by other individuals. Wedding functions are held for the tie of marriage. Marriage is a socially perceived all inclusive organization which is found is each general public. It is a social contract of two inverse genders for the fulfillment of physical, organic, social, mental and otherworldly necessities of guys and females. It prompts the arrangement of family and the reproduction of youngsters. Sexual relationship and creation of youngsters are the fundamental point of marriage. It is a Latin word which implies the association of two inverse human genders for the fulfillment of essential needs.

Meanings of Marriage

Following are some imperative meanings of marriage.

As indicated by Westermarck “It is a connection of at least one men with at least one ladies perceived by the law and custom having a few rights and obligations if there should be an occurrence of having youngsters”.

Horton and Hunt says “It is social framework us here by at least two than two people build up a family”.

As per Mr. Muhammad Niaz, “It is a union of a couple affirmed by the accompanying four offices i.e. Religion, society, profound quality, law”.

Mack and Young says “Marriage is a foundation or an arrangement of standards which decides a specific connection amongst guardians and to their kids’.

In straightforward words marriage is an organization which ties of a couple to satisfy their coveted needs like sex fulfillment to bring kids and satisfy social and mental needs of both male and female.

Elements of Marriage

Following are the vital elements of marriage.

Multiplication of youngsters

Sex direction

Youngsters socialization

Give legitimate guardians to youngsters

Give monetary security to ladies

Give government disability to ladies

Increment labor

Sets up joint store

Satisfaction of fundamental needs

Propagation of the heredity

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