A basic definition of a tool could be that it is an object other than body part which is used to do some manual work by the user. This basic definition does not automatically connect the tools with humans as its manufacturer. Chimpanzees are also known to use sticks to dig and find insects or roots or use stones to crack nuts to eat. In its earliest stage the humans also must have used such natural objects to obtain food. This sort of usage at best makes humans merely as tools user and not a tool maker. In the context of tools what separates humans from other animal forms is making of tools and that brings us to a modified definition of tools.

Jean Chavallon defines it in the human context. According to him tool is ‘A human-made object used to perform manual work’ and goes on to add “Prehistorians and archaeologists can but approve this lexicographical definition The world ‘human made’ should be stressed, however, because it clearly distinguishes the unworked implement, a pebble or piece of wood that human and ape alike can use, from the shaped tool made with a specific purpose in mind and whose function would be to scrape, cut or break.

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