Discuss the major aspects like the title, theme of redemption and the imagery present in the novel The Stone Angel

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Sessions Programme: MEG Assignment
Code: MEG-08/TMA/2016-17
Max Marks : 100
Attempt all the ten questions and answer each question in approximately 450-500 words.
Laurence’s own view of the significance of her novel developed throughout the years. At first, she felt that she had expounded on the idea of flexibility through Hagar’s battle for her own autonomy and dealing with her own particular past. Afterward, she noticed that the topic was truly about survival, the human need to get by until the point that the snapshot of death with some sort of pride and feeling of individual esteem. Considerably even later, Laurence watched that Hagar toward the end realizes what constitutes her actual hugeness: the capacity to give and get love. It without a doubt is about the numerous mental and passionate hindrances that can stifle the opportunity to be what one where it counts wishes and should be. Psychic and otherworldly survival requires that those hindrances be perceived for what they are. At exactly that point can a man be allowed to relate genuinely to others. The embodiment of connections, Hagar finds, is the capacity to impart and cherish. She does only that in her winding down hours, however the propensity for long disregard tries the endeavors both impactful and humorous.
Laurence has soaks her story in scriptural references and symbolism. The most evident is the inference to Hagar, Abram’s Egyptian maidservant whose pride constrained her to escape to the wild and whose child Ishmael was bound to be “a wild jackass of a man.” Desert pictures of dry season flourish; the prevailing shading is dim, and the blossoms are for the most part those related with death. In this condition, Hagar transforms into a “stone blessed messenger.” The water symbolism toward the finish of the book flags the defining moment of Hagar’s restoration, recuperation, and reclamation. However the closure, however redemptive, is not really triumphant. What wins in the peruser mirrors Hagar’s own particular perspective: a significant feeling of disappointment that about an entire lifetime had been squandered on appearances, deceiving both self as well as other people.

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