Psychological test Notes

Uses of psychological test –

Tests are used for many purposes, which are given below:

  1. This helps in identifying people with special needs, such as leadership quality etc.
  2. They are used for screening of criteria from abnormal.
  3. Test is also used for business and commercial consultation.
  4. Clinical trials are used to find out if someone is suffering from mental disorders and if so, then what is the disorder?
  5. Psychological tests give an idea about the mental state of a person.
  6. Psychological tests of creativity are used to illustrate the creative potential of a person.
  7. They are used for testing the intelligence, qualifications and interest of individuals.
  8. Tests are very useful in understanding the personality of individuals, including children, adolescents, adults and even older people.
  9. Tests are used for recruitment, selection, training and placement in the industrial setting.
  10. Testing in psychological research is of great importance.

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