Discuss the different types of non experimental research methods.

Answer – A non experimental research is in which independent variables can not be manipulated. Researchers have no control over the conditions of non-experimental research studies.

Different types of non experimental research methods –

Non experimental research is covered by descriptive, historical, correlative, qualitative and Ex-post fact research. The control of experimental research variables allows researchers to determine the cause and effect relationship.

1 historical research –Historical research relates to past events related to each other or current events. Basically, historical research (or historiography) answers the question: What is the nature of the events happening in the past?
2 Descriptive research – Descriptive research describes and explains what is it. It is related to the situations or relationships that exist, the practices which are popular, which are beliefs or approaches, the processes are going on; Effects which are being felt or which are the trends The approach is directed to identify various characteristics of research problems and to make it conducive to further research.
3 related research – Correlative research provides some indication that how two or more things relate to each other, or what exactly they share or in what way, or how well it is predicted by one or more pieces of specific information May go. Correlative research uses a numerical index called a correlation coefficient, which is the measure of strength of this relationship.
4 qualitative research –Qualitative research is relatively new to social and behavioral science and its increasing popularity is largely due to a degree of dissatisfaction with other available research methods. Some scientists think that the traditional experimental model is still restrictive and narrow, prevents underlying and important factors and relationships to be exposed. But this tool is so valuable about the set that it allows you to answer new questions in a whole new way.
5 EX-Post Facto Research – In such research, independent variables or variables have already occurred, in which the researcher begins with observation of a dependent variable or variable. Then he studies the independent variable for its possible relationships, depending on the variable or variables dependent in the retrospective variable. The most important difference is the control between experimental research and Ex-post-actual research. In the past, there is a manipulation control on the independent variable of the investigator, while later this control is not possible, more than that, randomization is not possible. In the Ex-post fact research, researchers should take things as they are and try to gather data and analyze them in that context.

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