EPS-08 Government and Politics in Australia NOTES

IGNOU EPS-08 Government and Politics in Australia NOTES –

IGNOU EPS-08 Government and Politics in Australia NOTES HERE –

Block- 1 Introducing Australia
Unit-1 Physical Settings
Unit-2 Resource Endowments
Unit-3 Population and Demographic Characteristics

Block- 2 Society and Culture
Unit-4 Evolution of Multi-cultural Society
Unit-5 Aboriginal Population : Land Rights
Unit-6 Emergence of Nationalism

Block- 3 Political Structure
Unit-7 Australian Constitution: Evolution and Features
Unit-8 Political Institutions
Unit-9 Federalism: Structure of Working
Unit-10 Administrative System

Block- 4 Political Processes
Unit-11 Party System and Electoral Politics
Unit-12 Patterns of Political Culture (Agencies)
Unit-13 Emerging Trends in Australian Politics
Unit-14 Trade Union Movements

Block- 5 Australian Economy
Unit-15 Australian Economy-Evolution and Features
Unit-16 Australian Economy-Patterns of International Trade and Investment
Unit-17 Integration into the Global Economy

Block- 6 Australia in World Affairs-I
Unit-18 Evolution of Australian Foreign Policy-Determinants and Features
Unit-19 Australia and Majors Powers-I – USA and USSR/Russia
Unit-20 Australia and Majors Powers-II – Japan, China and European Union

Block- 7 Australia in World Affairs-II
Unit-21 Australia and Regional Groupings ASEAN and ARF APEC, Indian Ocean Rim-Association for Regional Cooperation and the South Pacific Forum
Unit-22 Australia and India

Block- 8 Issues and Trends in Contemporary Australia
Unit-23 Immigration and Race Relations
Unit-24 Peace Movement and Human Rights
Unit-25 Gender Issues
Unit-26 Environmental Issues and Trends
Unit-27 Internationalisation of Education


BCA 1 question paper  BCA 2 question paper 
BCA 3 question paper BCA 4 question paper 
BCA 5 question paper  BCA 6 question paper
MCA 1 question paper  MCA 2 question paper
MCA 3 question paper  MCA 4 question paper 
MEG 1ST YEAR question paper MEG 2ND YEAR question paper 
B.COM 1ST YEAR question paper B.COM 2ND YEAR question paper 
BCOM 3RD YEAR question paper  M.COM 1ST YEAR question paper 
M.COM 2ND YEAR question paper  B.SC CHEMISTRY question paper
B.SC PHYSICS question paper  B.SC MATHEMATICS question paper
B.SC LIFE SCIENCE question paper  B.A. ECO question paper
B.A. ENGLISH question paper B.A. HINDI question paper 
B.A. HISTORY question paper  B.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE question paper
B.A. PSYCHOLOGY question paper B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION question paper 
B.A. SOCIAL WORK question paper B.A. SOCIOLOGY question paper 

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