EPS-11 Political Ideas and Ideologies Notes

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Block- 1 What is Political Theory and Why do We Need It?
Unit-1 Understanding the Political
Unit-2 Political Arguments and Conceptual Analysis
Unit-3 Theorising the Political
Unit-4 The Need for Political Theory
Unit-5 Conceptions of Political Theory

Block- 2 Political Traditions
Unit-6 Greek and Roman Traditions
Unit-7 The Confucian Tradition
Unit-8 Arabic-Islamic Political Traditions
Unit-9 Western: Liberal and Marxist Traditions
Unit-10 Indian Political Traditions

Block- 3 Understanding the State
Unit-11 State, Civil Society and Community
Unit-12 Sovereignty
Unit-13 Meaning and Nature of the State

Block- 4 Power, Authority and Legitimacy
Unit-14 Legitimacy
Unit-15 Power and Authority
Unit-16 Political Obligation and Revolution

Block- 5 Rights, Equality, Liberty and Revolution
Unit-17 Justice
Unit-18 Liberty
Unit-19 Rights and Citizenship
Unit-20 Equality

Block- 6 Democracy
Unit-21 Socialist Democracy
Unit-22 Direct and Participatory Democracy
Unit-23 Representative Democracy

Block- 7 Political Ideologies
Unit-24 Gandhism (Dharma, Swaraj, Sarvodaya and Satyagraha)
Unit-25 Marxism
Unit-26 Fascism
Unit-27 Individualism and Communitarianism

Block- 8 Political Ideologies
Unit-28 Disadvantaged and Affirmative Action
Unit-29 State and Globalisation
Unit-30 Development
Unit-31 Secularism

BCA 1 question paper  BCA 2 question paper 
BCA 3 question paper BCA 4 question paper 
BCA 5 question paper  BCA 6 question paper
MCA 1 question paper  MCA 2 question paper
MCA 3 question paper  MCA 4 question paper 
MEG 1ST YEAR question paper MEG 2ND YEAR question paper 
B.COM 1ST YEAR question paper B.COM 2ND YEAR question paper 
BCOM 3RD YEAR question paper  M.COM 1ST YEAR question paper 
M.COM 2ND YEAR question paper  B.SC CHEMISTRY question paper
B.SC PHYSICS question paper  B.SC MATHEMATICS question paper
B.SC LIFE SCIENCE question paper  B.A. ECO question paper
B.A. ENGLISH question paper B.A. HINDI question paper 
B.A. HISTORY question paper  B.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE question paper
B.A. PSYCHOLOGY question paper B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION question paper 
B.A. SOCIAL WORK question paper B.A. SOCIOLOGY question paper 
M.A. ECO question paper M.A. EDUCATION question paper
M.A. HINDI question paper M.A. HISTORY question paper

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