Explore the concept of ‘The American Dream’ in The Great Gatsby.

The symbolic context of the novel is related to the two words ‘wonder’ and ‘flower’ by Raleigh. As far as the use of the metaphorical is concerned, it is the metaphor of the rock which Nick uses which appears several times in the novel.

1) It refers to firmly based moral standards. It is possible there is an echo here of the New Testament parable about the house which is built upon rock and which survives a storm of wind – and rain, while the house built on sand collapses.

 2) The reference to a rock occurs in Chapter Two when a photograph on the wall of the sleazy flat which Tom Buchanan rented for his Mistress. Myrtle Wilson, is described as looking like ‘a hen sitting on a blurred rock’.

3) At one point Nick picks up a book entitled Simon Called Peter. It is ‘ easy to connect Simon Called Peter with St. Peter, the Apostle whose name in Greek meant ‘rock’ and on which Christ made the punning remark, ‘Upon this rock I shall build my church’.

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