FREE IGNOU NOTES BRDE-101 Rural Development Indian Context

FREE IGNOU NOTES BRDE-101 Rural Development Indian Context ba HERE –


FREE IGNOU NOTES BRDE-101 Rural Development Indian Context –

Block-1 Rural Society

Unit-1 Social Structure
Unit-2  Rural Economic Structure
Unit-3 Rural Power Structure
Unit-4 Rural-Urban Interactions

Block-2 Rural Development
Unit-1 Development
Unit-2 Rural Development: Approaches and Process
Unit-3 Rural Social Development
Unit-4 Human Development
Unit-5 Sustainable Development

Block-3 Nature and Process of Development

Unit-1 Concept of Rural Development: Meaning Nature and Scope of Rural Development
Unit-2 Pre-Independence Initiatives in Rural Development
Unit-3 Extension and Community Development
Unit-4 Panchayati Raj, Co-operatives and Green Revolution
Unit-5 Rural Credit, Micro Finance, Self-Help Groups

Block-4 State and Rural Development

Unit-1 Role of State in Rural Development
Unit-2 Five Year Plans and Rural Development
Unit-3 Rural Development Programmes: A Retrospect
Unit-4 Rural Development Current Programmes
Unit-5 Rural Development Administration

Block-5 VOs and NGOs in Rural Development

Unit-1 Voluntary Efforts and NGOs
Unit-2 Women and NGOs
Unit-3 Youth and NGOs
Unit-4 Education and NGOs
Unit-5 Environment and NGOs

Block-6 Emerging Rural Society

Unit-1 Patterns of Emerging Rural Society
Unit-2 Empowerment
Unit-3 Rural Health Care
Unit-4 Rural Education
Unit-5 Rural Infrastructure and PURA

BCA 1 question paper  BCA 2 question paper 
BCA 3 question paper BCA 4 question paper 
BCA 5 question paper  BCA 6 question paper
MCA 1 question paper  MCA 2 question paper
MCA 3 question paper  MCA 4 question paper 
MEG 1ST YEAR question paper MEG 2ND YEAR question paper 
B.COM 1ST YEAR question paper B.COM 2ND YEAR question paper 
BCOM 3RD YEAR question paper  M.COM 1ST YEAR question paper 
M.COM 2ND YEAR question paper  B.SC CHEMISTRY question paper
B.SC PHYSICS question paper  B.SC MATHEMATICS question paper
B.SC LIFE SCIENCE question paper  B.A. ECO question paper
B.A. ENGLISH question paper B.A. HINDI question paper 
B.A. HISTORY question paper  B.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE question paper
B.A. PSYCHOLOGY question paper B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION question paper 
B.A. SOCIAL WORK question paper B.A. SOCIOLOGY question paper 


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