FREE IGNOU NOTES BSHF-101 Foundation Course In Humanities & Social Sciences

FREE IGNOU NOTES BSHF-101 Foundation Course In Humanities & Social Sciences –

FREE IGNOU NOTES BSHF-101 Foundation Course In Humanities & Social Sciences

Block-1 Human Society and its Evolution
Chapter-1 Studying Human Society
Chapter-2 Evolution of Humankind
Chapter-3 Emergence of the Modern World
Chapter-4 Post-Industrial Society

Block- 2 Emergence of Modern India
Chapter-5 Pre-Colonial and Colonial India
Chapter-6 Indian National Movement
Chapter-7 Post-Independence India : Continuity and Change
Chapter-8 Emerging Challenges

Block- 3 Social System
Chapter-9 Social Structure
Chapter-10 Social Institutions
Chapter-11 Marginalized Groups
Chapter-12 Social Change

Block- 4 Political and Administrative System
Chapter-13 The Indian Constitution
Chapter-14 Democratic Processes
Chapter-15 Administrative Structure and Processes
Chapter-16 Governance : Issues and Strategies

Block- 5 Economic Development
Chapter-17 Features of the Indian Economy
Chapter-18 Planning in India
Chapter-19 Performance of the Indian Economy
Chapter-20 Economic Reforms in India

Block- 6 Arts and Aesthetics
Chapter-21 iterature
Chapter-22 Fine Arts
Chapter-23 Dance and Music
Chapter-24 Theatre and Cinema (Indian)

Block-7 Contemporary Concerns and Challenges
Chapter-25 Human Security
Chapter-26 Education and Awareness
Chapter-27 Information and Communication Technology
Chapter-28 The Questions of Environment

BCA 1 question paper  BCA 2 question paper 
BCA 3 question paper BCA 4 question paper 
BCA 5 question paper  BCA 6 question paper
MCA 1 question paper  MCA 2 question paper
MCA 3 question paper  MCA 4 question paper 
MEG 1ST YEAR question paper MEG 2ND YEAR question paper 
B.COM 1ST YEAR question paper B.COM 2ND YEAR question paper 
BCOM 3RD YEAR question paper  M.COM 1ST YEAR question paper 
M.COM 2ND YEAR question paper  B.SC CHEMISTRY question paper
B.SC PHYSICS question paper  B.SC MATHEMATICS question paper
B.SC LIFE SCIENCE question paper  B.A. ECO question paper
B.A. ENGLISH question paper B.A. HINDI question paper 
B.A. HISTORY question paper  B.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE question paper
B.A. PSYCHOLOGY question paper B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION question paper 
B.A. SOCIAL WORK question paper B.A. SOCIOLOGY question paper 
M.A. ECO question paper M.A. EDUCATION question paper
M.A. HINDI question paper

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