Free playand Structured play (नि: शुल्क और संरचित खेल)

Free and structured play: Some play activities are planned by the caregiver with goals and objectives in mind. In such an activity the child follows some of the instructions of the caregiver. On the basis of whether the child is free to play as she likes or follows some rules and steps laid down by the caregiver. play is categorized as free or structured. When. for example, the child is playing with clay as she likes. the activity is referred to as free play. On the other hand, when the caregiver intervenes and gives suggestions like, “Let us go out and make cups and saucers with clay,” with a view to strengthen the child’s concept of shape, the play becomes structured. This, however, does not imply that free play does not achieve anything. All play leads to learning. The difference is that in structured play what is hoped to be achieved by the activity is determined by the educator.

Both kinds of play are essential for children. Free play helps to sustain curiosity and

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