What is a function? Explain domain and range in context of function, with the help of example.

A function GUFFO is a special kind of relation. If we take the example of the set A of students of IGNOU, and the set B of their enrolment numbers. Now consider R =

{(a,b) ∈ B | b is enrollment number of a },this is a relation between A and B. It is

a ‘special’ relation, ‘special’ because to each a ∈ A ∋ ! b such that aRb. We call such a relation a function from A to B.

Let us define this term formally.

Definition: function from a non-empty set A to a non-empty set B is a subset R of AxB such that for each a ∈ A ∋ a unique b ∈ B such that (a,b)∈ R. So, this relation satisfies the following two conditions:

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