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How selective are we when it comes to food? Shouldn’t we be as bothered as that when it comes to pet’s food as well? Many of you would already be. Today, various types of cat foods are available in the market. While some brands are so popular, people tend to follow it. But you can’t always trust the ‘trend’ while buying the cat’s food. You should consider points like before you leave to purchase cat foods.
 Digestibility
 Price
 Ingredients
 Customer Feedback
 Review and vet’s feedback
The food should be digestible. What is the whole pint of giving delicious snacks if it
doesn’t digest and starts irritating the bowels of the cat? Consult with the veterinarian
and see what they think about the particular type and brand that you are planning to
buy. They would have a clearer idea about the ingredients and how likely are the
chances for a bowel irritation. It is mandatory to read the list of ingredients before
buying any cat food. If you are ignorant about the food, then who else will care about

Halo Food is Not Just a Choice. It is the Solution
Halo cat food stands up to meet all the above mentioned qualities. They are
digestible and affordable to everyone. They make use of fresh meat so that it easily
digests in the belly. Halo food come with eco-friendly fibres and farm produces.
They take meat and seafood products from certified centres. Halo foods are going to
solve a huge problem of yours. It’s the cleaning up of excreta of the cat. Halo foods
assures complete digestion and thereby it decreases the smell of the poop. It will
easier to scoop and clean. Rendered meat has no place in any factories of Halo
food. They are proven to be less digestible than the fresh meat and thereby they
don’t stand a chance in the ingredient list.
Halo foods are one hundred percent natural and fresh. It doesn’t use any type of
artificial colourings or preservatives in it. it would be like an energy food for your cat.
It is sure to boost the health and make the functioning of the organs smooth. Save
few frequent visits to the vet with the help of Halo food.
If your cat prefer dry food Halo food has that too. It brings forth an enormous
collection of pet food that consists of both dry and wet cat foods. They completely
understand the dietary needs of a cat and their products are tailored to meet those
requirements. It would be surprising to see a cat food company producing cat food
for different age groups of cat. Whatever be the age of the cat they have it all in their
stores. Their products are also available in online stores like Amazon. Here, this
article discusses five products of Halo foods that have been reviewed as the best in
Amazon. Let’s see why they are the chartbusters.
The Chartbusters

1. Meat Up Adult Cat Food, Ocean Fish – 1.2 kg Pack
Priced 350, is a fine product of Halo cat foods. It assures healthy skin. It gives an all-
round protection to your pet by maintaining its pH level. It comes in the form of
crunchy kibbles which is sure to be loved by all cats. It is the best for adult cats.
 It strengthens the hair and booths hair formation with the help of prebiotics.
 The prebiotics also help to improve the digestion.
 It’s the fusion of prebiotics with vitamins that enhance the beauty of the skin.
switch to this and you will see the skin a lustrous nature.
 It also takes care of the heart with the help of Taurine.
 Presence of high quality ingredients
 There are chances for bowel irritation in cats
 There may be undigested pieces so better watch out.
Sardine, Mackerel, eggs, corn gluten meal, whole grain cereals, soya refined oil,
wheat flour, taurine, vitamins (A,E,B1,B6,B2, B12), choline, niacin, selenium,
prebiotics, folic acid, organic minerals, zinc, iron, copper, manganese.

2. Whiskas Adult (+1 year) Dry Cat Food, Tuna flavour, 3kg Pack
This is available in Amazon in different prices starting from 800. It increases the
eyesight of cats and make them energetic. Breathe new life into your pet with
Whiskas. The vitamins and proteins in it will boost the bodily functions of the pet. It
comes with rich flavour of fish and chicken.
o Give your pet an enhanced eye sight with the help of Whiskas.
o Gives a shiny and lustrous tint to the skin coating
o It helps prevent obesity
o Can be fed to cats of different categories. Like, Persian Cat, British Shorthair
o Chances for bowel irritation
o The product quality may differ when buying online
Wholegrain cereals, corn, rice, wheat, 1 corn gluten meal poultry and poultry by-
products, 1 soybean products, 1 palm stearin, 1 tuna fish, 1 wheat flour 1 minerals 1
iodised salt 1vitamins 1 taurine 1 preservative 1 flavour

3. Whiskas Adult (+1 year) Wet Cat Food, Salmon in Gravy, 12 Pouches
Priced 357, it has an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals. It has more iron
content and more calcium. It increases the strength of teeth and bones. It is the
perfect blend of phosphorous, proteins and antioxidants. It is also the best for overall
o Balanced diet as it blends all necessary vitamins, acids and proteins together.
o Provides moisture and nourishment
o Enhances functioning of urinary tract and maintains the PH of the urine.
o It digests at a faster pace than other feline foods
o It has a nice aroma which makes even the fussy eaters a fan of them.
o There may be discrepancy when ordered online.
o There are chances for an upset stomach
Meat animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives including 4% salmon), cereals,
minerals, various sugars.
4. Whiskas Adult (+1 year) Dry Cat Food, Chicken Flavour, 1.2kg Pack
Grab it from Amazon for a price of 327. It has omega acids in it which can
tremendously improve the fitness and health of the cat. The presence of taurine
makes the heart function smooth. It prevents heart related diseases thus making
your cat immune. According to the studies conducted, it is necessary to include
taurine in the diet. It improves the eye sight of the cat and also gives it a shiny
coating. You won’t see cat lying around lazily ever again as it provides ample
amount of energy to the cat. Make the meal time a fun time with Whiskas Adult dry
cat food.
o Improved eyesight
o Shiny coating with prevention of hairball formation.
o Healthy heart
o Perfect blend of phosphorous and vitamins
o The best taste. Chicken is the favourite of all cats. So every fuss eater is
going to fall flat for this one. There is no doubt.
o Good deal of energy. No more lying around and no more slumbers. See them
run around and play after the meal.
o Watch out for tampered package

o Not all cats may love it
Wholegrain cereals, (corn, rice, wheat) 1 corn gluten meal, poultry and poultry by
products, soy bean products (full fat soy bean, soy bean meal) palm stearin, chicken,
wheat flour, minerals, iodised salt, vitamins, taurine, soy oil, methionine, food
colouring, preservatives, flavour.
5. Purepet Adult Cat Food, Ocean Fish, 1.2kg
It is available at a price of 169 in Amazon. It consists of Taurine and a set of healthy
vitamins which helps to improve the bodily function. It regulates the pH level of the
urine and maintains the functions of the urinary tract. It protects the cat from hairball
formation thus giving a lustrous coating.
o It has high quality ingredients in wit which will surely boost the health of your
o Gives a lustrous coating to cat’s skin
o Improves eyesight and functioning of heart.
o Flavour could turn out to be the cat’s favourite
o There are chances for an upset stomach as few may not like the smell and
taste. The result may from cat to cat.
o You may receive a tampered package when ordered online. Check the packet
for any tear. See if it has been tampered with.
o Flavour may not be loved by all cats.
Sardine, mackerel, eggs, corn, gluten meal, whole grain, soya refined oil, wheat
flour, taurine, vitamins (Vit A, E, B1, B6) Choline, niacin, folic acid, organic minerals
(zinc, iron, copper, selenium, manganese) prebiotics and probiotics.
If your cat is getting frequent diseases, chances are very high that it could be the
food. Try switching the brand type of food and see. Halo cat food have been found
the best among the cat foods with its high quality and perfect balance of nutrition.
The cat should get all required nutrition at the right amount only then it will be healthy
and live. So make your cat live and happy with halo foods.

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