Health benefits of Almonds (badam)


Almonds are most loved nuts worldwide. Very rich nutrients contains of almonds, make it perfect nut to fulfill your one-eighth of daily protein need. Almonds commonly known as BADAM in India, it is believed from ancient time that almonds possess the power to increase brain capacity, intellectual ability and longevity. Consuming almonds frequently benefits you in many ways, we are going light up all the health benefits of almonds:


Top Health benefits of almonds:

  • Improves Skin Health

Catechin, epicatechin, flavonol antioxidants, quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin are the nutrients present almonds that directly benefits our skin. These nutrients increase the ability of skin to fight from UV light exposure, poor diet, damage by pollution, skin cancer etc. Almonds reduces signs of aging and nourish akin as it is enrich with Vitamin-E and antioxidant. 

  • Maintains body Weight

Consuming handful of almonds keeps you felling full and satisfied. So, that wouldn’t consume all unhealthy food especially fast food. There is good of magnesium present in almonds that helps in regulating blood sugar and not only this it block’s the absorption of calories. It is the key factor that makes almonds ultimate food if you want to control your weight.

  • Decrease the risk of Heart Disease and Heart Attacks

The main reason behind the heart disease are cardiovascular diseases. Minerals like Magnesium, Copper, Calcium, potassium and arginine present in almonds make it perfect food to fight against bad cholesterol present in body which is main reason behind heart diseases. Skin of almonds contains Vitamin-E and antioxidant flavonoids, it is very effective to improve artery health and reduce inflammation. It also helps in healing the damages inside the artery walls and protect against dangerous plaque.

  • Improves Brain health

Almonds contains nutrient like Riboflavin and L-Carnitine which directly benefits our neurological health and increase functionality of brain. Peoples suffering from inflammation and Alzheimer are recommended to eat almonds frequently.

  • Maintain the alkaline level of body

Low level of alkaline in body increase the risk of weight gain, osteoporosis, poor immune function and low energy. Almonds are the only nuts that contains few protein that helps in maintaining alkaline level of body.


Why should not consume too much Almonds?  

Consuming almonds frequently are very good for health but eating too much almonds can also harm you. If you consume too much of almonds that it can increase the amount of Vitamin-D and calories present in the body which can result into overdose of Vitamin-D, increase in weight, gastrointestinal problems. These are the side effects of almonds. Many people suffers from nut allergies, so if you are also suffering from nut allergy than discontinue the use of almonds.

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