The importance of Hindi Swaraj

Gandhiji went to London in 1909, while continuing to defend the rights of Indian people in South Africa. There are many revolutionary Swaraj lovers, the Indian young men meet them. Gandhiji’s conversation with Gandhiji has been summarized in a fictional dialogue. In this dialogue, all thoughts of Gandhiji’s importance at that time came. Regarding the book, Gandhi himself has said that “this little book of mine is so innocent that it can be given in the hands of children too.” This book teaches loveism instead of hatred; Instead of violence, self-sacrifice establishes; He has reached the decision to take a fight against animalism. “Gandhiji came to the conclusion that in the Western countries, the modern civilization in Europe-America is not welfare, it is a destructive is. Gandhiji believed that there is a true civilization in India and in the whole world which has come from the ancient times of Dharma-protecting policy.

Gandhiji said that by removing the British and his state from India, India would not get the independence of its true civilization. If we remove the British and accept the civilization and their ideals, then our gates will not be there. We must save our soul. The people written by Bharte are trapped in the fascination of the West. Those who have not come under the influence of the West, they consider India’s religion-loving moral civilization. If taught them the way to use the power of self-power, the path of Satyagraha, then they will be able to counter the Western state and the injustice that happen, and save the world by freeing India without weapon.

Teaching of the West and science of the West came to our country on the strength of British authority His railways, his medical and hospital, his jurisdiction and his judicial system are not necessary for good culture, but it is also dangerous- otherwise Gandhiji has given the words without any hesitation in this book.

The original book was written in Gujarati. As soon as Hindustan came to India, the Bombay government declared it as objectionable and seized it. Then Gandhiji thought that what I wrote in ‘Hind Swaraj’ should be kept in front of my English-speaking friends and commentators. He himself translated the Gujarati language of ‘Hind Swaraj’ and printed it. He also declared the Bombay government as objectionable.

By completing his entire work in South Africa, Gandhiji came to India in 1915. After that, when Gandhiji got his first opportunity to do satyagraha, he reprinted ‘Hind Swaraj’ against the orders of the Bombay government and republished it. The Bombay Government is read carefully in the state, among all the critically-minded thinkers in India and the world.

Self Gokhaleji had disliked the interpretation of this book by saying it raw and hoped that after returning to India, Gandhiji himself would have canceled this book. But that did not happen. Gandhiji made some corrections and said that if I write this book again today, surely he will make some corrections in his language. But my basic thoughts are the same, which I have expressed in this book.

Mr. Mahadev Desai’s essence of giving consent for Gandhi Swaroop and his sympathy towards the ideas of the world which has given a great deal of thought about ‘Hind Swaraj’ has given in his beautiful introduction to the new frequency.

The people of the West have expressed their differences clearly about the power of non-violence, the anti-machism of Gandhiji and the Western civilization, and about the final role of Satyagraha.

All of the life of Gandhiji’s work which was done in the work of reverence is found in the ‘Hind Swaraj’. Therefore, the significance of this small book in Gandhiji’s mind is quite extraordinary.

India became free after going on nonviolent paths told by Gandhiji. With the help of these three steps Gandhiji set the path of Swaraj – non-cooperation, civil disobedience of law and satyagraha. We can call it a triumph of a miracle phenomenon.

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