What is all about Historian?

Historian is the subject that is responsible for counting events that happened in the past from both a descriptive and critical point of view. To carry out such a task, the historian works with different types of sources that aim to provide appropriate information about facts, processes or phenomena related to the history of Humanity.

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Halicarnassus is considered the first historian of Humanity. This intellectual was born and lived in Ancient Greece and worked collecting and telling information about famous events such as battles, wars, reigns of historical figures and other data that formed the Nine Books of History. Although Herodotus used descriptive methods that today seem very basic, his work is undoubtedly the beginning of historical science by offering us an idea of ​​the historian’s task in the face of the facts he encounters.

Since History is understood as a science, the historian must carry out his task following his own scientific methodologies such as determining his object of study (the section or stage of the history to be analyzed), the sources and testimonies with which he will have to perform such understanding (which can go from material sources to oral sources), and the method of analysis or hypothesis to critique the information obtained. Obviously, the historian always provides a subjective vision for the understanding of empirical data and that is why History never projects univocal and unquestionable truths as it can happen with natural sciences.

The object of study of History and the historian has varied throughout the centuries. While the first modern historians based their study on the analysis of the work of the great politicians, thinkers and military, later currents have sought to complete such analysis with the study of the long-term social, economic and cultural processes that assume that the History of Humanity is built among all.

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