IGNOU ASSIGNMENT LSE 02 Valid from 1st January to 31st December 2018. It is compulsory to submit the Assignment before filling the Term-End Examination Form.
Please Note
• You can take electives (‘56 to 64’ credits) from a minimum of TWO and a
maximum of FOUR Science disciplines, viz. Physics, Chemistry, Life
Sciences and Mathematics.
• You can opt for elective courses worth a MINIMUM of 8 CREDITS and a
MAXIMUM of 48 CREDITS from any of these four disciplines.
• At least 25% of the total credits that you register for in the elective
courses from Life Sciences, Chemistry and Physics disciplines must be
from the laboratory courses. For example, if you opt for a total of 64
credits of electives in these 3 disciplines, at least 16 credits ‘out of those
64 credits’ should be from lab. courses.
• You cannot appear in the Term-End Examination of any course without
registering for the course, otherwise your result will not be declared and
the responsibility will be yours.


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