1.      AFW-1(E) Feature Writing December2018
2.      ATR-1 Translation December2018
3.      BBHF-001 Bhojpuri Main Aadhar December2018
4.      BEGA-001 Introduction To The Media December2018
5.      BEGA-102/AWR1(E)/BRPA-101 Writing For Radio December2018
6.      BEGE-101 Language Through Literature/From Language To Literature December2018
7.      BEGE-102 The Structure of Modern English December2018
8.      BEGE-103 Communication Skills In English December2018
9.      BEGE-104-EEG-04 English For Business Communication (EBC) December2018
10.   BEGE-105 Understanding Prose December2018
11.   BEGE-106-EEG-06 Understanding Poetry December2018
12.   BEGE-107 Understanding Drama December2018
13.   BEGE-108 Reading The Novel December2018
14.   BHDE-101-EHD-1 Hindi Prose December2018
15.   BHDE-106-EHD-6 Hindi Language : History and current December2018
16.   BHDE-107-EHD-7 Hindi Structure December2018
17.   BHDE-108-EHD-8 prayojanmulak hindi December2018
18.   BHDF-101 Base Course in Hindi December2018
19.   BMAF-001 Base Courses in Maithili December2018
20.   BRPA-101-AWR-1(H) Radio Lekhan December2018
21.   BSKF-001 Base Course in Sanskrit December2018
22.   BULE-001 Elements Of Urdu Structure December2018
23.   BULE-002 History Of Urdu Language December2018
24.   BULE-003  Urdu Poetry December2018
25.   BULE-004 Urdu Fiction December2018
26.   BULE-005 Urdu Ki Ghair-Afsanvi Nasr December2018
27.   BULE-006 Urdu Adab Ki Tareekh December2018
28.   EHD-2 Hindi Poetry December2018
29.   EHD-3 History and Literature of Hindi Literature December2018
30.   EHD-4 Medieval Indian Literature : Society and Culture December2018
31.   EHD-5 Modern Indian literature : Renaissance and National Movement December2018
32.   FAS-01 Foundation Course In Assamese December2018
33.   FBG-01 Foundation Course In Bengali December2018
34.   FEG-1-BEGF-101 Foundation Course In English-1 December2018
35.   FEG-2 Foundation Course In English -2 December2018
36.   FGT-01 Foundation Course In Gujarati December2018
37.   FHD-2 Base Course in Hindi December2018
38.   FKD-01 Foundation Course In Kannada December2018
39.   FML-01 Foundation Course In Malayalam December2018
40.   FMT-01 Course Code December2018
41.   FOR-01 Foundation Course In Oriya December2018
42.   FPB-01 Foundation Course In Punjabi December2018
43.   FTG-01 Foundation Course In Telugu December2018
44.   FTM-01 Foundation Course In Tamil December2018
45.   FUD-01 Foundation Course In Urdu December2018
Bachelor Degree Programme : IGNOU BA QUESTION PAPER DEC 2018
1.      BSHF-101 Foundation course in humanities And social sciences December2018
2.      BHIE-107 Modern Europe From Mid 18th Century To Mid 20th Century December2018
3.      EEC-07 Industrial Development in India December2018
4.      EEC-10 National Income Accounting December2018
5.      EEC-11 Fundamentals of Economics December2018
6.      EEC-13 Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques December2018
7.      EEC-14 Agricultural Development In India December2018
8.      EHI-01 Modern India 1857-1964 December2018
9.      EHI-02 History of India From Earliest Times to 8th Century  A .D. December2018
10.   EHI-03 India from 8th TO 15th Century A .D. December2018
11.   EHI-04 India from16th Century to mid 18th Century December2018
12.   EHI-05 India From Mid 18th Century to Mid-19th Century December2018
13.   EHI-06 History of China and Japan 1840-1949 December2018
14.   EHI-07 Modern  Europe  From  Mid 18th Century to Mid 20th Century December2018
15.   EPA-01 Administrative Theory December2018
16.   BPAE-102 Indian Administration December2018
17.   BPAE-104 Personnel Administration December2018
18.   BPSE-212 Government And Politics In India December2018
19.   EPA-03 Development Administration December2018
20.   EPA-04 Personnel Administration December2018
21.   EPA-05 Financial Administration December2018
22.   EPA-06 Public Policy December2018
23.   EPS-03 Modern Indian Political Thought December2018
24.   EPS-06 Government & Politics in East and South East Asia December2018
25.   EPS-07 International Relations December2018
26.   EPS-08 Government & Politics in Australia December2018
27.   EPS-09 Comparative Government and Politics December2018
28.   EPS-11 Political Ideas and Ideologies December2018
29.   EPS-12 Government &  Politics in India December2018
30.   EPS-15 South Asia : Economy, Society and Polity December2018
31.   ESO-11 The Study of Society December2018
32.   ESO-12 Society in India December2018
33.   ESO-13 Sociological Thought December2018
34.   ESO-14 Society And Stratification December2018
35.   ESO-15 Society and Religion December2018
36.   ESO-16 Social Problems in India December2018
37.   BECE-002 Indian Economic Development: Issue and perspectives December2018
38.   BECE-015 Elementary Mathematical Methods In Economics December2018
39.   BECE-016 Economic Development: Comparative Analysis And Contemporary Issues December2018
40.   BECE-107 Industrial Development In India December2018
41.   BECE-214 Agricultural Development In India December2018
Bachelor’s Degree Programme/B.A. Psychology) : IGNOU BA QUESTION PAPER DEC 2018
1.      BPC-001 General Psychology December2018
2.      BPC-002 Developmental Psychology December2018
3.      BPC-003 Research Methods In Psychology December2018
4.      BPC-004 Statistics In Psychology December2018
5.      BPC-005 Theories of personality December2018
6.      BPC-006 Social psychology December2018
7.      BPCE-011 School psychology December2018
8.      BPCE-013 Motivation and Emotion December2018
9.      BPCE-014 Psychopathology December2018
10.   BPCE-015 Industrial and organizational Psychology December2018
11.   BPCE-017 Introduction to counseling Psychology December2018
12.   BPCE-018 Neuropsychology December2018
13.   BPCE-019 Environmental psychology December2018
14.   BPCE-021 Forensic psychology December2018


  1. 35 OUT OF 100
  2. 18 OUT OF 50
  3. 7 OUT OF 25


Q. IGNOU JUNE EXAM 2019 का HALL TICKET कब आयेगा?

ANS. 21 MAY 2019

Q. IGNOU JUNE EXAM 2019 का RESULT कब आयेगा?




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