FREE IGNOU BCOC-136 Solved Assignment 2023-24

4. The following particulars of income are submitted by Smt. Suman Garg for the assessment year 2022-23. She lives at Delhi. i) Basic pay 10,000 p.m. ii) Dearness allowance @ 10% of salary iii) HRA 30% of basic salary. iv) Medical allowance Rs 200 p.m. (amount actually spent on her own treatment is Rs. 2,000). v) Warden ship allowance 400 p.m. vi) Rent from house Property Rs. 3,000 p.m. vii) Contribution to RPF 10% of basic salary. viii) House rent paid Rs. 6,000 p.m. ix) Donation to approved charitable institution Rs. 20,000 Compute her total income for assessment year 2022-23.
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