Q.14: E-payment systems offer numerous merits, including convenience, speed, and security. They eliminate the need for physical cash, allowing transactions to be conducted electronically, thus reducing the risk of theft and loss. E-payments are rapid, often taking only a few seconds to complete, enhancing efficiency in both personal and business transactions. Moreover, they enable seamless international transactions without the complexities associated with traditional payment methods. E-payment systems incorporate encryption and secure authentication protocols, enhancing data protection and reducing the risks of fraud.

These systems also promote financial inclusion by providing access to digital transactions for individuals without traditional banking facilities. They generate a digital trail of transactions, simplifying record-keeping and auditing processes. Additionally, e-payment systems reduce the environmental impact associated with paper-based payment methods. Overall, the merits of e-payment systems lie in their ability to streamline transactions, enhance security, and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable financial ecosystem.


Unit-4 Electronic Governance  Unit-3 Technology used in E-Commerce  Unit-2 E-Commerce Business Models  Unit-1 Introduction to E-commerce
Unit-6 E-Banking Unit-5 E-Payment
Unit-9 Web Server Hardware and Software Unit-8 Electronic Commerce Software Unit-7 Website Development
Unit-15 App Based Commerce Unit-14 E-Services Unit-13 E-Tailing

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