Q.3 Types of Biometric and Non-Biometric Security Measures: Biometric security measures rely on unique biological or behavioral characteristics for authentication:

  1. Fingerprint Recognition: Analyzing the patterns in fingerprints to verify identity.
  2. Iris or Retina Scanning: Analyzing the unique patterns in the iris or retina of the eye.
  3. Face Recognition: Identifying individuals based on facial features and proportions.
  4. Voice Recognition: Analyzing speech patterns and vocal characteristics for authentication.
  5. Finger Vein Recognition: Scanning the patterns of veins in the fingers.

Non-biometric security measures include:

  1. Passwords: A combination of characters used to verify identity.
  2. PINs (Personal Identification Numbers): Numeric codes for access authentication.
  3. Tokens: Physical devices that generate temporary authentication codes.
  4. Smart Cards: Cards with integrated chips for secure access.
  5. Captcha: Challenges designed to differentiate between humans and bots.
  6. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Combining two different authentication methods for added security.
  7. Encryption: Converting data into a code to prevent unauthorized access.


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