(ii) Context: The second passage is also from “Oedipus Rex.” After Oedipus learns about the prophecy that he is destined to kill his father and marry his mother, he flees Corinth to avoid fulfilling the prophecy. On his journey, he unknowingly encounters his real father, King Laius, and in a heated altercation, he kills him at a crossroad.

The passage occurs after the encounter with King Laius. Oedipus arrives in Thebes, which is suffering from a devastating plague. In a twist of fate, Oedipus becomes the king of Thebes and marries Jocasta, King Laius’ widow and his biological mother, as the prophecy foretold.

The lines describe the moment when the truth of Oedipus’ actions starts to emerge. As the truth becomes clearer to Oedipus, he reacts with horror and despair, and the people around him witness his emotional turmoil. The passage portrays the intense emotions and the dreadful revelation that unfolds as the play progresses.

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