DOWNLOAD HERE IGNOU BEGC-104 ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 AND ALSO check out IGNOU BEGC-104 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 GUIDELINES.  यहाँ BEGC-104 ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 डाउनलोड करें और इसके अलावा IGNOU BEGC-104 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 की GUIDELINES भी देखें ।

Below are the details of the IGNOU BEGC-104 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23:

  • Program: BEGC-104 (Bachelor of Arts – BA)
  • Course Code: BEGC-104
  • Session: July 2023 – January 2024
  • Submission Dates:
    • Assignment 2023-24: Last date for submission – 30th April 
    • Assignment 2023-24: Last date for submission – 30th October 

Assignment Submission: Students are advised to submit the IGNOU BEGC-104 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 as per the specified schedule. The assignments must be submitted in soft copy/PDF format through the designated portal or email, as instructed by the university.

Guidelines for Preparing IGNOU BEGC-104 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 : While preparing the IGNOU BEGC-104 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23, students must adhere to the following guidelines:


British Poetry and Drama – 14th to 17th Century
Assignment July 2022 & January 2023 Sessions
(Based on Blocks 1 – 4)

Max. Marks: 100

Answer all questions.

Section A


a) Cultural Materialism: Cultural Materialism is a theoretical framework in anthropology and cultural studies that emphasizes the role of material conditions, economic factors, and technology in shaping culture and society. Developed by Marvin Harris in the late 1960s, this approach seeks to understand how cultural practices and beliefs are influenced by the practical necessities of life. Harris argued that cultural elements, such as religion, rituals, and social norms, can be explained by examining their functional relationship to the environment and the mode of production. He believed that human behavior is largely driven by the pursuit of survival and well-being, leading to adaptations and choices that manifest in cultural expressions.

Cultural Materialism challenges idealistic perspectives that prioritize ideas and values as the primary drivers of culture. Instead, it suggests that material conditions, such as geography, resources, and technology, play a crucial role in shaping societies. By analyzing these factors, researchers can uncover patterns of cultural change, economic systems, and social structures. While Cultural Materialism has received criticism for oversimplification and determinism, it remains a valuable tool for understanding the complex interplay between material realities and cultural practices in various societies.

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