1. volcanoes are categorized into two principal classes

2. Classifications of Galaxies –

3. Name of fossil fuels

4. Three layers of Earth’s interior

5. Lithosphere is made up of 

6. Types of glaciers –

7. Pacific Ocean is also known as

8. The major theories of mountain building are:

9. Characteristics of sedimentary rocks are

10. Different Categories of Seismic Waves

11. Volcanoes of different types of eruptions

12. Type of Biome and their Description

13. Diastrophic forces can be classified into two types

14. Name of The outer planets

15. Three classes of mechanism of plate movements are:

16. Various types of folds formed due to compressive forces:

17. Earth as a geosphere that has four main components which are:

18. Three major well known identified rock groups are

19. Four different types of plate convergence –

20. Average thickness of lithosphere is 

21. Name of Inner or terrestrial planets

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