DOWNLOAD HERE IGNOU BPCG-173 ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 AND ALSO check out IGNOU BPCG-173 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 GUIDELINES.  यहाँ BPCG-173 ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 डाउनलोड करें और इसके अलावा IGNOU BPCG-173 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 की GUIDELINES भी देखें । To successfully complete the course and be eligible to appear for the exams in June 2024, students are required to submit the IGNOU BPCG-173 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 for the academic year 2023-24

Assignments FOR JULY 2022 AND JAN 2023 ADMISSION


Below are the details of the IGNOU BPCG-173 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23:

  • Program: BPCG-173 (Bachelor of Arts – BA)
  • Course Code: BPCG-173
  • Session: July 2023 – January 2024
  • Submission Dates:
    • Assignment 2023-24: Last date for submission – 30th April 2024
    • Assignment 2023-24: Last date for submission – 30th October 2024

Assignment Submission: Students are advised to submit the IGNOU BPCG-173 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23 as per the specified schedule. The assignments must be submitted in soft copy/PDF format through the designated portal or email, as instructed by the university.

Guidelines for Preparing IGNOU BPCG-173 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23: While preparing the IGNOU BPCG-173 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23, students must adhere to the following guidelines:


1. Relaxation Techniques and Yoga as Techniques of Stress Management:

Relaxation techniques are essential tools for managing stress and promoting overall well-being. They encompass a range of methods designed to induce a state of relaxation and counteract the physiological and psychological effects of stress on the body and mind. These techniques aim to activate the body’s relaxation response, which is the opposite of the fight-or-flight response triggered by stress.

One common relaxation technique is deep breathing exercises. Controlled, deep breathing helps calm the nervous system by reducing heart rate and blood pressure. Techniques like diaphragmatic breathing involve inhaling deeply through the nose, allowing the abdomen to rise, and exhaling slowly through pursed lips, promoting a sense of relaxation.

Progressive muscle relaxation involves systematically tensing and then releasing different muscle groups, helping to release physical tension and promote relaxation. Visualization and guided imagery techniques use the power of the mind to create calming mental images, allowing individuals to escape from stressful situations mentally.

Meditation is another effective technique for stress management. Mindfulness meditation, for example, encourages focusing on the present moment without judgment. This practice cultivates awareness of thoughts and sensations, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. Yoga combines elements of relaxation, meditation, and physical postures to achieve a balanced state of relaxation and mindfulness.

Yoga, as a holistic practice, has gained immense popularity for its stress-reducing benefits. It encompasses physical postures (asanas) that promote flexibility, strength, and balance. Breathing exercises (pranayama) are integrated to synchronize breath with movement, enhancing mental clarity and relaxation. Meditation and mindfulness techniques in yoga encourage self-awareness and a focused, calm state of mind.

Yoga is not only about physical flexibility but also mental flexibility. It encourages individuals to let go of stress-inducing thoughts and cultivate a positive mindset. Through regular practice, individuals can learn to manage their reactions to stressors and develop a greater sense of inner peace.

In conclusion, relaxation techniques and yoga are powerful methods of stress management that target both the physiological and psychological aspects of stress. These techniques help individuals build resilience and cope effectively with the challenges of modern life. Incorporating relaxation techniques and yoga into daily routines can lead to improved overall well-being, reduced stress levels, and a greater sense of balance and harmony in one’s life.

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