1. Concept of Citizenship

2. सेंसरशिप

3. Comment on the concept of democratic socialism.

4. What is equality of opportunity? Explain.

5. Write a note on equality of opportunity.


6. What is the Gandhian notion of citizenship ?

7. Write a note on John Rawl’s theory of Justice.

8. Write an essay on the usages of political theory.

9. Inter –relationship of democracy and economic growth

10. अवसर की समानता क्या है।

11. जेंडर का अर्थ

12. लोकतंत्र के क्रियात्मक और ठोस आयामों को विस्तार से बतायें।

13. Elaborate the procedural and substantive dimensions of democracy.

14. Theory of Alienation

15. लोकतंत्र और आर्थिक वृद्धि का अंत संबंध

16. Civil Society

17. Write a note on the legitimate use of Power.

18. Meaning of Gender

19. What is the Marxist critique of liberty ? Explain.

20. नागरिक समाज

21. Politics as a Practical Activity.

22. Describe the salient features of John Rawls’ theory of justice.

23. Censorship

24. What are the limitations of direct democracy Explain.

25. Distinguish between state and other associations.

26. What do you understand by the term Politics? Why is it considered an inescapable feature of human condition?

27. Direct Democracy

28. Discuss the nature of early Indian political thought.

29. नागरिकता की अवधारणा

30. Examine J.S. Mill’s notion of liberty.

31. जॉन राल्स के न्याय के सिद्धांत का वर्णन करें।

32. Discuss the feminist notion of citizenship.

33. Distinguish among different types of authority.

34. What do you understand by J.S. Mill’s notion of liberty?

35. स्वतंत्रता पर जे. एस. मिल की संकल्पना का परीक्षण करें।

36. शक्ति के वैध प्रयोग पर एक लेख लिखें।

37. Discuss the normative conception of politics.

38. What is social justice ? On what grounds has it been criticised ?

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