5. Changing Objectives of India’s Foreign Policy:

India’s foreign policy objectives have evolved over time. Initially rooted in non-alignment during the Cold War, India’s foreign policy has shifted to reflect its growing economic and strategic influence in the modern world.

Today, India’s foreign policy seeks to achieve a balance between national interests and global responsibilities. It aims to maintain strategic autonomy while engaging with major powers, advancing economic growth through international cooperation, and addressing global challenges like climate change and terrorism.

India’s foreign policy also emphasizes regional stability, as seen in initiatives like the Neighborhood First policy and the Act East policy. The country’s role in regional forums like the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) underscores its aspiration for a more multipolar and equitable world order.

In conclusion, India’s foreign policy has transitioned from its historical non-alignment stance to a dynamic approach that promotes economic growth, strategic partnerships, and global cooperation while remaining rooted in its core values and interests.

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