Answer the following questions in about 250 words each.

1. Discuss the strategic significance of Russia in India’s foreign policy.

Strategic Significance of Russia in India’s Foreign Policy:

Russia holds immense strategic significance in India’s foreign policy due to historical ties, defense cooperation, and geopolitical considerations. The Indo-Russian relationship dates back to the Cold War era and has evolved into a strategic partnership. Several factors highlight Russia’s importance to India:

a) Defense Cooperation: Russia has been a reliable defense partner for India, supplying advanced military equipment and technology. The partnership includes joint research, development, and production of defense systems. This collaboration ensures India’s defense preparedness and technological advancement.

b) Geopolitical Balance: Russia provides India with a counterbalance to Western influence, particularly in times of strained relations with Western countries. The strategic partnership allows India to diversify its global engagements and maintain its strategic autonomy.

c) Economic Ties: While economic ties have faced challenges, Russia remains a valuable energy partner for India, contributing to its energy security. Efforts to enhance economic cooperation continue, with initiatives in sectors like energy, trade, and investments.

d) Diplomatic Support: Russia’s diplomatic support for India on global platforms, including the United Nations, strengthens India’s position on international issues such as terrorism, non-proliferation, and regional conflicts.

e) Multilateral Engagements: Both countries collaborate in various international forums such as BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), contributing to their collective influence in shaping global agendas.

In conclusion, Russia’s strategic significance in India’s foreign policy is grounded in a multifaceted relationship encompassing defense, geopolitics, economic cooperation, and diplomatic alignment.


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